Spirit Worlds

by Treeweaver

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This is the debut demo EP by Cleveland death/black/thrash metal band Treeweaver. All songs were written and recorded from 2013-2014 by Death Priest at the Void.


released 08 February 2014
Death Priest - All instruments, vocals



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Track Name: Death Stares Back
Reality unravels before your eyes
Severed from your fleshy tomb
Disembodied consciousness
Astral travel, speed of light

Soul realm, death world
Post-mortem journey
Ancient spirits, black gods
Blood of ancestral names

Abyssic surroundings
Locked in a perpetual gaze
Cosmic horror, paralyzed
Death stares back at your ghostly face
Track Name: Silencing Void Dweller
Rising from the primordial depths of the shadowed unconscious mind
Malevolent deities black in visage cloaked in ancient darkened shrines

Seething with amorphous spectral blood
They peer through the lens of infinity
At the soul of the traveler before them
Judging every mortal deed
Writhing in fear
Trembling in disgust
Possessed by spirits deemed most unjust
Eyes wide open mind split to pieces
Speak through me most ancient names

For all I am upon this earth
A pile of flesh and bones
Automaton, human
Dead in the water

Burn a hole in the sky
With the apathy of mankind
Once a shining star
Now a black decrepit form

Rise feeble warrior
Your journey is not over
The tunnels of light beckon thee
Celestial treasures await you
If you cross most precious lines
The vastness of space calls to you
I am the silencing void dweller
Track Name: Ethereal Mountains
Heart of fire, child of night
Greeted by the radiant lights
Ascending through the minds of Gods
Make me one with ancient lifesblood

One eyed God, shamanic leader
Piercing through the clouds of the aether
Raise the chalice, drink the blood
Sacrifice to gain the vision

In the light of this darkened majesty
I will be reborn in divinity
Fear the fallen souls of the earth
I am made to be a warrior

In the ethereal mountains
I dwell in the realm of Gods
I am the chosen soldier
To crush all enemies

To avenge my fallen brothers
To serve my hidden masters
Immortalized in the hall of kings
By the Gods of Metal I am redeemed